Monitors or Missionaries?

Masked men wearing all black suddenly burst into a bank waving guns. They start shooting up things, and yelling, “This is a robbery!”

Everyone hits the floor except a man in a uniform.

Someone on the floor looks up at him and asks, “Aren’t you going to do something?”

He calmly replies, “No, I’m not a security guard. I’m a security monitor.”

It is laughable. At least it was the first 50 times I saw the commercial.

Here’s a man who is supposed to know what to do in emergencies and all he does is stand back and “monitor” the situation. He’s been trained, certified, and given an assignment, but he does nothing. He doesn’t make difference.

Church members are the best at being “monitors.” After years of classes and messages we know what is right. We know the answer that changes lives and gives lasting hope. We know what we should do. But we typically do nothing.

We “monitor” the world around us and we don’t make a difference.

Oh, of course many are serving sacrificially and God is using them to impact the world for eternity, but from my nearly 40 years of experience in ministry, the typical church member is more of a watcher than a witness.

We gather with other “monitors” regularly. We laugh and encourage one another. We talk about how moving the choir special was and what a powerful sermon we heard. When it is all over we gather to talk about what we have observed that week. We shake our heads at the condition of our world. We say, “Oh, how sad!” “What a mess!” and “One day they will be held to account!”

Then we go back to our homes, jobs, and schools and watch as people pass by headed who knows where.

How can people who are born again, indwelt by God’s Spirit, adopted into His family, and assured of a home in heaven go through life as if we were the gallery at a golf tournament?

For many, it just may be that they have a familiarity with Christ, but not a saving faith in Christ.

We were meant to be change agents – catalysts for change for good and for God in this world! We were meant to be missionaries – not monitors!

Aren’t you glad that someone decided to do more than just “monitor” your life?

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