Thanksgiving Sunday

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite times of the year and our Thanksgiving Sunday is one of our favorite Sundays!

Why is this Sunday so special?

We will show how grateful we are to God by singing His praises and hearing His word taught.Our pastor is preparing an encouraging message entitled,

“How to Defeat Discouragement”

Following worship we will enjoy a delicious turkey dinner with those we love! Everyone is encouraged to bring a side dish or dessert and the mouth-watering turkey will be provided.

Our annual Thanksgiving offering gives us the opportunity to express how thankful we are to God too! Each of us will be free to not only give to God’s work, but this Sunday we may also give above and beyond our normal giving.

Why would we want to give and even give more than usual?

First, giving is an act of faith. When we give we are showing we truly believe what we have came from God and we know He will provide for us in the future.

Second, we give more because we are humbly thankful for all that He has given us! Jesus is the One Who provides our health, our educational opportunities, our jobs, our cars, our homes, our clothes, our meals, our… (fill in the blank)! Everything we have we owe to Him!

Third, we give for His glory. When we are willing to sacrifice He is glorified. As a result of our sacrificial giving Jesus is glorified through our church, our buildings, our staff, our ministries, and our support of missionaries. We give so others may know and follow Jesus. The hungry are fed, relief is provided to those in disaster areas, wells are dug, medical care is provided, churches are started… and the list goes on and on!

Fourth, we give because we obey Him. Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords! He is the Son of God, God the Son. He rose from the dead and has all authority in Heaven and on Earth. His word teaches us to give generously and He expects us to obey.

Finally, we ultimately give because we love Him so much we can’t help but give! He has never left us and He never will. He is with us in our celebrations and in our heartaches. He guide us and gives us peace and purpose in life. He is our Teacher, Healer, Provider, Savior and Friend!


About Mark Bordeaux 26 Articles
Mark left broadcasting in 1980 to obey God and lead the student ministry of a local church in his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. Since then, he and his wife Debbie have joined God in His work in ten churches located in five states as well as Mexico, Russia, and Ukraine. While on numerous trips to Russia and Ukraine he has taught pastors and church planters, as well as done ministry in a wide variety of ways through churches, orphanages, prisons, hospitals, universities, and with government leaders. He is a graduate of Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div. with languages) and a doctoral student at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where his concentration is on church health and revitalization. Mark is married to Debbie who is a criminal defense paralegal. They have two adult children and two grandchildren. Mark founded Life Worth Living Ministries, a non-profit (501c3) organization to facilitate his speaking, coaching, consulting, and mission work. He enjoys working out, training German Shepherds, and more than anything; time with his family.

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