If Only…

Desperate for help

The last thing I want to be is desperate. As a child, I nearly drowned on a school trip. From under the water, I could see the wavy light coming through the surface and the ring in the side of the pool where the safety rope should have been attached. It was also where the water would not be as deep.

I was desperate to get to the surface and to get a breath. My head broke the surface, I took a breath and cried out, “Help!” before sinking again. Thankfully, my cry for help was heard and a strong man’s arms lifted me up and out of the water.

Desperation means you’re running out of “air” – you’ve got to get help or you won’t make it. Things cannot continue as they are.

No one likes to feel desperate, inadequate, and without hope. But it is during the times of desperation, when we are weak, we are willing to ask for help and willing to change.

Desperation caused me to turn to Christ as a 13-year-old and many times it has caused me to turn back to Him as well. Being weak puts life into perspective. It reminds us how dependent we all are on God’s mercy and grace.

If you know what it is to experience forgiveness and real life in Christ, you know how your desperation was changed to desire. Likely, you also know what it is to become complacent. See if this sounds familiar…

You were so relieved and in awe of God, you desired to know more. God’s word was like bread to you; you couldn’t do without it. You treasured the simplest truths in the Bible. Your prayers were personal and filled with hope. You wouldn’t miss gathering with other Christ followers for worship, prayer, study, and fellowship. Every day you listened for His guidance and looked for Him working around you.

Then, almost without realizing it, things began to change. Over time, your routine may have become a substitute for the wonder and your familiarity took the place of faith. Not only were you no longer desperate for God, you realized you no longer had the desire to seek Him as you once did.

You remind yourself you are busy. No, you are overwhelmed. You have so many blessings, so many opportunities, and so many responsibilities you just don’t have the time or energy to seek God as you once did. Ironically, the very things God gave you to enjoy have — dare I say it? — become more important than God.

You didn’t mean for this to happen. Likely, you didn’t choose to take God for granted. It wasn’t intentional.

But neither were you intentional about following Christ. You became comfortable and complacent. You were satisfied with what God had done in your life. You were no longer desperate. You presumed you had all of God you needed. You had chosen to follow Christ until you reached a beautiful place and decided to pitch your tent and camp there.

Does any of that sound like you? If so, you are not the only one.

What would it be worth to you to know and experience God working in your life in a real and personal way each day?

Would you be willing to humble yourself before Him, seek Him in prayer, and turn from anything or anyone that doesn’t bring you closer to Him?

If only we were desperate enough to sincerely do these things! What a difference it would make in our lives, our families, our churches, and our world!

If only…

Desperate without Him,



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