Who Do You Follow

Have you ever owned a car for a while before you discovered a feature the car had? Have you been to a place many times, but one day you discover some new area that you didn’t know existed? Similarly, we should always be learning more about Jesus!

Listen to Pastor Mark share who this man, Jesus, truly is in his first message in the series “Disciple Life.” At the end, answer these questions for yourself. Feel free to comment below your thoughts and answers!

  • Is this the Jesus that I am following, or have I been following another Jesus?
  • Have I been following the “American Jesus”?
  • Have I been following the “cultural Jesus”?
  • Have I been following a “Jesus” of my own making?
  • Have I been following a “Santa Clause Jesus” or a “Good Ol’ Boy Jesus”?
  • Have I been fooled by a sincere, kind, and committed person who doesn’t realize they are teaching lies? (Similar to those practicing “medicine without a license,” these

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