2017 Membership Commitment Day

Across the nation, 90% of churches are plateaued or declining. Every day churches are closing their doors for good. Not many years ago, Pebble Creek was on life support and her future was also in doubt. But by God’s grace, Pebble Creek Baptist Church is experiencing revitalization.

How is this transformation taking place? No doubt, God’s Spirit is working because His Mission has not changed (Mt. 28:18-20). The work the Lord Jesus began to do continues to this very day and will until He returns (Acts 1:1). But how is God accomplishing His Mission? How is He doing this work?

Through His people – the Church!

When there were only a handful of believers gathering at Pebble Creek, He was among them. He gave them a sense of purpose greater than themselves. He gave them a vision of what He wanted to do through them to impact the world and change history. They remembered the commitment they made to Him and each other and they pressed on.

Soon, friends from our sister churches in the Three Rivers Baptist Association were offering their help. Along with our South Carolina Baptist Convention, they not only invested prayer, time, and training, but also much needed resources and financial support. Our brother and sisters remembered their commitment to Christ and His Mission.

Today, we stand on the shoulders of giants. Because of the commitment of others we heard the Gospel, we found the doors open, we received resources to help us grow, and when we began to drift, these committed believers prayed for and pursued us. The commitment of God’s people can be traced all the way back to the upper room where the early followers of Christ waited for the Promise of the Father because of their commitment.

Our commitment to follow Christ and, if necessary, give our lives for Him, is fueled by His commitment to us.  When we consider the “mercies of God” we can do no less than present our entire selves to Him as living sacrifices (Ro. 12:1).

We choose to take following Christ seriously and not to center the purpose of our church on ourselves. We have decided to do whatever it takes to bring Him glory and accomplish His Mission. By His grace, we will not be another social club with a steeple.

Every year we will pause and reaffirm our commitment to Christ and His Church – the body of believers of which we are a part. We ask you to join us.

Use this questionnaire to reaffirm your commitment to Christ and His church at Pebble Creek:

2017 Membership Commitment

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