Our Children Need More than What We Put Under a Tree

Father and Son enjoying a Christmas Tree (Photo credit: Jessica Mullinax Tollison)


Oh, the joy of seeing our children’s faces light up as they see their presents under the Christmas tree! To know our children are experiencing all the wonder of the Christmas season is the desire of every parent’s heart.

Dads and moms everywhere are doing what they can to make their children’s Christmas memorable. We will spare no expense to know they are happy and have the “best Christmas ever.” What parent doesn’t want to help their little ones to have a Christmas they remember the rest of their lives?

We get our little ones to help pick out and decorate the tree. We take them for the traditional picture with Santa. We help their teachers put together fun parties for them. We buy the best toys we can afford and some we can’t. We enjoy the fun of hiding and wrapping presents then watching our kids try to guess what is in them. And oh, don’t forget to move the elf each night before going to bed!

Taking a few minutes to put things in perspective could be the difference between a satisfying or a shallow Christmas

There are so many fun and memorable things to do with our children at Christmas! While we are caught up in the season, the last thing we want to think about is how we will have to come back down to earth when the holidays are over. But taking a few minutes to put things in perspective could be the difference between a satisfying or shallow Christmas.

I know some will say, “I just want my kids to have a great Christmas. What’s wrong with that?” Nothing, at all! It just depends on what you consider a “great Christmas.”

Who are you really thinking of, the children or yourself?

Let’s be honest. We love our kids and when they are thrilled, we are thrilled.   That’s perfectly normal. But sometimes we do what we do for our kids for our benefit rather than theirs.

My mother had a very difficult childhood and her Christmases did not bring back fond memories. She tried to make up what she missed as a child by trying to give me the Christmas she didn’t have.

On the other hand, my father was very conservative and thrifty. He was reared on a farm with a large family and Christmas presents may have consisted of an orange and a new pair of socks.

Let’s agree that children who get anything they want for Christmas may not be getting what is best for them.

They both did their best for me. But let’s agree that children who get anything they want for Christmas may not be getting what is best for them.

If we want our children to experience Christmas in a way they will never forget we need to lead our children to worship the presence of Christ rather than their presents under the tree.

Oh, I don’t mean we should be a Grinch! Have fun. Start traditions. Give gifts. Celebrate! After all, Christmas should be a celebration of the coming of God to the earth.

Just be sure to show your children how to celebrate the birth of Christ. If you make Christmas all about seeing Santa and all the gifts he is going to bring them, then that is what Christmas will mean to them.

On the other hand, if they see and hear you focusing on the Lord Jesus and the reason He came, they will set their minds on Christ too. Remember, you are the parent. You set the tone for the home.

Remember, if you don’t talk about the birth of the Son of God with far more enthusiasm than you talk about Santa or the tooth fairy, don’t expect your children to grow up in awe of God.

Our children need more than what we put under the Christmas tree. They need a real and personal relationship with the One Who loves us enough to die for us!

Don’t fake it. Our kids can see right through our seasonal spirituality. If our passion for God is not greater than our excitement for other things our children will grow to believe the Lord isn’t more important than other things. When the truth is, nothing is more important than Him today and nothing will be more important than Him tomorrow.

When the wrapping paper is tossed and the tree has been taken to the curb what will be left of Christmas for your children? When the difficult days come, neither we nor our children will get hope from the presents under the tree.

So, give your children the “Gift that keeps on giving”! A living lesson of the love of God demonstrated through His Son, the One and Only Lord Jesus Christ.

Children need more than what parents can put under the Christmas tree. They need the One Who was willing to be nailed to a tree.

Merry Christmas!



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